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Everything started with a dream of having our own home in Fuerteventura, that dream turned into the idea of making our home a retreat for your vacations in Fuerteventura.


The Name "Casa Allegranza" is inspired by the Vivaldi's Expedition.

Vandino and Ugolino Vivaldi were connected with the first known expedition in search of an ocean way from Europe to India (Cape Route). Ugolino, with his brother Guido or Vandino Vivaldi, was in command of this expedition of two galleys, which left Genoa in May 1291 with the purpose of going to India "by the Ocean Sea" and bringing back useful things for trade.

It was common belief that the Canary Islands were full of Gold and that the locals weren't interested in using it.

The 7 apartments building is the perfect stay for friends, couples and families, the central position of the house means having the best spots of Fuerteventura in less than a 10km range.

You can walk to El Cotillo most famous restaurants and bars, you can jump on the van with our favorite Surfing Schools located less than 1 km from you.



Seaview rooftop terrace with a shared Kitchen, Barbecue and Remote working stations

Free resident car parking

Free internet

Private Garage to store Surfboards, big luggage and strollers

Co-Working space (by the terrace)

Laundry facilities in each apartment 

Smart 55' Tv in each apartment

Tea & coffee making facilities 

Kitchen tools

Bespoke hand made toiletries

Iron & ironing board

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